Matthew Wood - Glowing Empire Music

What is Glowing Empire and why is the company called that?

That's a good question! My name is Matthew Wood and i'm a music producer, composer and songwriter. My first foray into the world of music production was when I was 17 where I recorded my first EP on a Bose 4 track recorder. Luckily it's a little more technical now. 


I started Glowing Empire Music 4 years ago as a record label for my own music endeavours mainly with my main and most successful act, MyLyricalMind (Check out my album here). During this time I wrote a charting EP and Album and a number of charting singles.

After 7 years of writing, producing, performing my own songs and writing songs for various publishing houses and other artists, I decided to go and turn my passion into my vocation. Since then I have written music for Film, Advertising, Youtube and various other media projects.

So what does Glowing Empire mean? Well it's actually a lyric from a song I wrote called 'Kings', and I thought it sounded nice!

I work out of my home studio south of Manchester in a lovely town called Knutsford. I am also an experienced musician and I play guitar, piano, bass, drums and I also sing.

So if you have a project that needs a piece of music or if you just want some advice on music production, please feel free to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to talk to you.

Studio Set Up

I currently work out of my modest home studio which I have built up over the years. 


I use Logic Pro X to record and produce all of my work, this includes custom plugins. It allows me to add a huge variety of high quality sounds, synth, samples and instruments to any mix. It also allows me to mix and master songs using a variety of great plugins.


I run this on Mac OS High Sierra.



I have a selection of great instruments that I use for recording. I don't however have live drum recording capability, I program drums using Logic Pro X which has thousands of excellent drum sounds. 

- 2 x Electric guitars - Fender Strat and a Les Paul 

- 1 x Behringer Condenser Mic 

- 1 x Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

- 1 x Faith Venus Acoustic guitar 

- 2 x M-Audio Midi Keyboards

- Fender Jazz Bass guitar

- 2 x Rokit studio monitors

- 1 x Marshall Vintage amp

- 1 x Vox Modelling amp

- 1 x Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface